Qualification programme

This qualification programme will enable its users to understand and accompany refurbishment measures for unified building types (block panel building from the 1960s – 2000s). The programme provides:

  • basic facts about energy and energy efficiency in residential buildings
  • detailed information about selected building parts such as walls and windows
  • an overview on soft measures to enhance efficiency and increase energy savings
  • information about communication, legal and financial aspects

The qualification programme is intended for everybody that plays a role in refurbishment processes of typical houses built during the Soviet period. This can be representatives of house owner associations but also architects, engineers or economists in Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine and beyond. 

The programme comes in 9 consecutive modules, each of whom consists of a study guide in English, Russian and Ukrainian language as well as an accompanying electronic presentation (in English and Russian) that guides the user through the content of the module.

Additionally, we provide a module on the calculation of refurbishment measures in Belarus (in Russian language) and a module on legal aspects of refurbishment in each of the ARCEE target countries (in Russian and Ukrainian language).