Awareness raising

Awareness on energy efficiency issues as well as engagement and active participation of wide stakeholder groups, e.g. flat and house owners, tenants, management companies and cooperatives is essential for increasing energy efficiency in residential housing. In order to raise awareness on energy saving possibilities, a set of informative materials has been developed within the frame of the ARCEE project. These materials guide the reader trough the sequential steps for improving the energy performance of the whole building as well as of each single household. The following materials have been developed in Russian and Ukrainian language and are distributed among inhabitant of multi-apartment buildings in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine:

How to evaluate the energy efficiency of a building?                     RU flag BY flag UA flag

The energy performance of a building can be evaluated by a professional performing an energy audit, but there are also several possibilities to indicate problems with regard to energy efficiency or comfortable living conditions that can be noticed even if a person is not a professional. The info sheet highlights these features, describes the reasons behind and suggests possible solutions.

How to make your housing energy efficient?                                  RU flag BY flag UA flag

In a multi-apartment house, better results for increasing energy efficiency can be achieved when the refurbishment measures are implemented for the whole building and not on the basis of an individual flat. The info sheet lists the most important aspects and provides a checklist for actions towards the refurbishment in order to increase the energy performance of a building.

Ecological materials for construction, insulation and finishing      RU flag BY flag UA flag

In construction or refurbishment of a building with the aim to increase its energy performance, attention has to be paid on the selection of materials. Choosing ecological materials can help not only to reduce the environmental impact of houses but also to improve the indoor climate. The info sheet gives an indication on the properties of ecological materials and provides recommendations on important aspects to be taken into account when selecting materials for construction, insulation and finishing.  

How to select windows?                                                                    RU flag BY flag UA flag

Changing windows is one of the most popular refurbishment measures implemented. Modern windows have to fulfil many requirements to satisfy the customer’s demand. A high quality of windows and of the installation works is crucial for reaching the desired result. The info sheet points out the main aspects and provides a checklist for the selection and installation of windows.

How to save on heating?                                                                  RU flag BY flag UA flag

There are engineering solutions available for home heating which allow dwellers to adjust the temperature in each room separately according to the individual comfort level and lifestyle making it possible also to pay according to the individual heat consumption. The info sheet provides information on these engineering solutions and gives tips on how to save on home heating.

Ventilation in your home                                                                 RU flag BY flag UA flag

Increasing the energy performance of a house and making it airtight, reduces the air exchange inside the building. In order to avoid that the indoor comfort decreases, an appropriate ventilation system has to be erected. The info sheet describes different ventilation systems and gives advice on how to use them in a more energy efficient way.

Efficient technologies using renewable energy sources at housing RU flag BY flag UA flag

Besides conventional fossil fuels there are environmentally friendly alternative solutions – renewable energy sources that can be used for space heating and the preparation of hot water in residential buildings. The info sheet provides a checklist and gives hints for applying solar thermal collectors and heat pump technologies.

Energy smart living                                                                            RU flag BY flag UA flag

In everyday life a lot of energy consuming household appliances are used. The info sheet describes some technical inventions for cooking, cleaning, laundry washing, lawn mowing which can help in housework and also save energy. 

Smart household gadgets                                                                  RU flag BY flag UA flag

A large variety of small devices can help to save energy and water in a household and to have comfortable living conditions. Other gadgets can provide information on indoor air temperature, humidity, the electricity consumption of electric devices or can indicate cold spots in the house where heat is lost. The info sheet introduces to these gadgets and describes their scope of application.

What is an energy efficient building design?                                    RU flag BY flag UA flag

A high energy performance of the building allows reducing energy consumption and the related costs for heating. When constructing a house it is important to start thinking about its energy performance already during the planning stage. The info sheet describes the main aspects to pay attention to during the planning of building in order to achieve the maximum energy savings.

How to save energy on the staircase                                                RU flag BY flag UA flag

The lighting of the staircase is necessary, but normally for a very short period of time. It is very often the case that a light switch in multi-apartment buildings has not very convenient location on the wall, and dwellers of the building simply forget to switch off the light. The info sheet provides advices on what measures can be implemented in order to avoid wasting of energy and make lighting on the staircase more efficient.