Pilot projects

To achieve the overall goal of the ARCEE project, i.e. to increase the know-how of key stakeholders in the partner countries on energy efficient housing refurbishment and new construction, one central activity in the project is the practical preparation and if possible also implementation of energy efficiency measures in multi-family residential buildings. This is done in the frame of pilot projects which are realised in each of the partner countries.

The pilot project activities focus on the identification of suitable buildings (one or two per country), the visit of the buildings and the analysis of their current structural conditions and energy efficiency as well as the development of recommendations and refurbishment concepts. These activities are implemented by the German project partners Auraplan and IWO in close cooperation with the national partners and the administrations of the pilot project buildings. The involvement of the residents of the buildings is regarded as crucial aspect in this context.

The pilot projects in Odessa, Ukraine and St. Petersburg, Russia focus on providing consultancy for existing buildings which are in need of refurbishment. The project partners suggest a comprehensive refurbishment approach, but also analyse and present refurbishment variants. In Minsk, Belarus the construction process of a new multi-storey residential building is accompanied and recommendations regarding the energy performance, execution of construction works and liability aspects are given.

To learn more about the pilot projects in each country please visit the country subsections. Furthermore, you can find information on the project’s approach with regard to the pilot projects.