Experience in building refurbishment in Jelgava city, Latvia

ARCEE project's partner Mama-86-Odesa is organizing a seminar about increasing awareness on methods and means for improving energy efficiency in multi-storey apartment buildings. It will be held on 27-28 February in Odessa. The target group of the seminar is house management companies, municipalities and other organizations that are planning and implementing energy efficient measures. The chairman Juris Vidzis and technical director Olegs Kukuts from Jelgava Real Estate management Ltd. (Latvia) have been invited to take part in this event and present good examples on multi-apartment building refurbishment of Jelgava city.

The seminar agenda is available here (Ukrainian).

ARCEE project in Belarussian media

The activities of the ARCEE project have been noticed by the Belarussian media. The most popular internet resource in the country ( recently published an article about the activities of the ARCEE partners and their efforts to increase the energy efficiency in the construction sector of Belarus. The article is based on the experience of the specialist from a German architectural firm “Auraplan”, which provides a technical support in the frame of the ARCEE project. Rose Scharnowski, the architect from “Auraplan”, offers a short analysis of the construction sector in the country, focusing on the quality aspects and energy efficiency. The architect discusses also such issues as the qualification of the specialists in the Belarussian construction industry, outdated technologies, quality control, and inspection of the construction side. The German expert provides her opinion on the mentioned topics and explains what are the challenges and possibilities for improvements, in parallel explaining how some of these aspects are approached in Germany.

The full text is available in Russian language and can be found here.

Experience in building refurbishment in Latvia

Academy of Management of the President of Republic of Belarus organized 2 events on 11 December 2013 and 29 January 2014 on „The European practice of management of joint ownership buildings and interaction with local authorities. International experience in increasing energy efficiency of the housing stock”. In the video conference two experts from Latvia were participating and their presentations (in Russian) are avalilable here.

Prof. Anatolijs Borodinecs, Department of Heat and Gas technology; Institute of Heat, Gas and Water technology; Riga Technical University, Latvia

Опыт повышения энергоэффективности многоквартирных домов в Латвии

Juris Golunovs, Head of Energy Efficiency Information Center, Riga Municipal Agency "Riga Energy Agency", Latvia

Опыт по повышению энергоэффективности зданий в Риге

Planning to persuade others to save energy?

Our "Guidelines for preparation of awareness raising activities" gives a general overview of how to implement informative actions, starting from defining the target audience and ending with the selection of appropriate communication tools for different groups of society. Take a look here before you start your campaign on energy saving!

"Increasing awareness on energy efficiency and saving energy: Guidelines for preparation of awareness raising activities"

Energy efficiency in residential buildings: Criteria for good practice in refurbishment and new construction

Improving the energy efficiency of buildings is most effective if approached comprehensively. Yet, there are many aspects to consider starting from the first planning to the actual use by the residents.

In this paper, we define a list of criteria that constitute good practice of energy efficient construction in our understanding and they have a universal status and are principally applicable to any construction in the former Soviet space.